BCCCP Eligibility - March 24, 2014

To be enrolled in the BCCCP, women must meet the following criteria:

Determining Eligibility
The following information MUST be determined PRIOR to enrolling women in BCCCP

1.  Insurance status:  Ask the following questions:
a.  Are you on Medicaid or the Healthy Michigan Plan?
If yes, NOT eligible for BCCCP
If no, do you have insurance -> determine eligibility based on income.

2.  Age:
a.  40-64 to receive BCCCP reimbursed screening and/or diagnostic services
b. 19-39 and referred from a Title X/Family Planning provider for cervical diagnostic services as follow-up of a cervical abnormality

3.  Income
a.  < 138% Federal Poverty Level (FPL)
b.  > 138% but < 250% and UNINSURED
c.  > 138% but < 250% and INSURED
d  > 250%: Ineligible for BCCCP – Inform woman that she can enroll in a health plan during open enrollment for the Insurance Marketplace. 

4.   Residency and Citzenship Status: (must be Michigan Resident)
a. US Citizen and Michigan Resident (as determined by verifable current address (E.g. driver’s license, voter ID, Passport) 
b. Non US Citizen but Michigan Resident: Enroll in BCCCP (Not eligible for Medicaid or Insurance Marketplace unless non-citizen has been a resident for at least 5 years)

c. EXCEPTIONS for Residency Status:

    • Migrant workers
    • Women living near the border of a neighboring state (Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota) who plan to receive screening and/or diagnostic services in Michigan
    • Women who opt not to purchase insurance secondary to religious objections

Note: Women who are enrolled in a managed care program, a health maintenance organization, or Medicare Part B are not eligible for the BCCCP.


Federal Poverty Level (2014)

Size of Family Unit

Poverty Guideline

250% of  Poverty Level

138% of  Poverty Level

































  Each Additional Member (Beyond 8)


add $10,150

add $5,602.80

  *The federal poverty level figures are updated annually.


Updated 03/24/2014