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E-Cigarettes: Learn about the health, safety, social and clinical concerns of e-cigarette use; current regulations and; a call to action for the health community.

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Using tobacco affects cancer treatment, wound healing, and the risk getting a second cancer.  It is never too late to quit tobacco, and there are free resources to help.  Click HERE for a brochure for cancer patients highlighting the benefits of quitting tobacco after receiving a cancer diagnosis.
YouTube Why Cancer Patients Should Quit Tobacco (1:43)

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St. Joseph Mercy Health System receives Cancer Research Grant to enable cancer patients to participate in clinical trials in their own communities  – Read more

Barry-Eaton District Health Department urges parents to talk to kids about smoking prior to the beginning of the school year – Read more

Health Department of Northwest Michigan video being used in a local movie theater to increase awareness of breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening with information on how to access their direct service programs – Read more

Pharmocologic Interventions for Breast Cancer Risk-Reduction - a position paper for health care providers developed by the MCC Breast Cancer Risk Advisory Committee

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Success Stories
Michigan Cancer Consortium and Comprehensive Cancer Control Local Implementation Grants

Click on each agency below to read more about the good work that has been done as a result of five local implementation grants including: District Health Department #10, Health Department of Northwest Michigan, PATH (Personal Action Toward Health), West Michigan Cancer Center, and Western Upper Peninsula District Health Department.